Deer Positioning System (DPS) and Turkey Tracker Documentation (At a Glance software) Models 63070 & 63071

EDIT 03/03/2014 - If you are getting an "UNABLE TO START APPLICATION" error dialog upon starting the AT A GLANCE software, please use the AAG_UINSTALL_INSTRUCTIONS document at the bottom of this page to remove the AT A GLANCE jnlp file from JAVA and then  install the AT A GLANCE application from this link: .  This issue was caused by a JAVA update designed to improve security but unfortunately breaks older application files.  We apologize for any inconvenience but we have no control over JAVA update changes or their automated deployment and installation.

A PDF format DPS (Deer Positioning System) camera manual and Turkey Tracker manual are listed below.  A short FAQ and a document to help with installing the AT A GLANCE software are attached at the bottom of this article and applies to both DPS and Turkey Tracker products.  I am going to add some useful links below as well.  Insturctional videos for the At A Glance software are also available for download below..  

General camera Frequently Asked Questions can be found here: FAQ page

NOTE TO MAC / APPLE USERS:  The MAC install files shipped on the V1.0 CD were incorrect and not properly scripted to install the application on an APPLE system.  PLEASE USE THE LINKS BELOW  to install JAVA (or test that it is installed) and THEN use the direct link below to install the AT A GLANCE application.  This error has been corrected on V1.1 and higher of the CDs.

JAVA download page (JAVA is required for the AT A GLANCE software):

The above JAVA link will first test your system for the most current version of JAVA.

IMPORTANT NOTE (ADDED 02/06/14) - Due to security changes in the JAVA 7 build 51 release, the following process must be performed before installing or running the AT A GLANCE software applet.

  1. Start the JAVA CONTROL PANEL (Win 7 - type JAVA in the search bar and select JAVA (32-bit) under the CONTROL PANEL section) (MAC - Open JAVA CONFIGURATION from SYSTEM PREFERENCES)
  2. Select the SECURITY tab.
  3. Next to the Exception Site List window, Click the Edit Site List.. button.
  4. In the Exception Site List dialog box, Click the ADD button.
  5. Type the installation link URL in the Location field.  Type this text:
  6. Click the ADD button.
  7. Click the CONTINUE button if a Security Warning Dialog appears.
  8. In the Exception Site List dialog box, Click the ADD button again.
  9. Type a 2nd URL in the Location field.  Type this text:
  10. Click the ADD button.
  11. Click the CONTINUE button if a Security Warning Dialog appears.
  12. Verify the at the 2 sites added above are in the Exception List window.
  13. Click OK to close the Java Configuration Window.
  14. When you run the ataglance.jnlp file, a warning dialog will display asking if you want to run the application.
  15. Check the I accept the risk and want to run this application box.
  16. Click the Show Options text below the I accept... check box.
  17. Check the Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above check box.
  18. Click the RUN button.

If you need additional assistance with adding this Exception, please see the following article at the JAVA website:

When JAVA is properly installed, you can then install the AT A GLANCE application from this link:

NOTE TO MAC USERS:  Download the file linked to above by Selecting DOWNLOAD LINKED FILE from the context menu.  CONTROL + click on the link to open the context menu (or you can 2 finger click on the link).

A rough 3 part video tutorial on using the AT A GLANCE software is available for download below.  Note that it requires a MPeg 4 compatible video player (Apple Quicktime plays MP4 files).

The comments section now has a set of direct links to some of the SD cards that we have used extensively in house.  These are just a small fraction of the cards we have tested with, but have proved to be highly reliable at a very good price (especially the PATRIOT brand).  I will try to keep these links current, but SD card supply changes rapidly, so the availability, price and exact model # of these cards could change without Primos knowledge. 

There are also some instructional videos for the AT A GLANCE software.  These are kind of a rough first attempt at this and some more professional instructional videos for the AT A GLANCE software are in the works.  We will post them here and on the product page when available.

Feel free to post general questions about this documentation page below, but PLEASE open a ticket for specific issues so that a Customer Service Agent can address it directly. PLEASE DO NOT POST SPECIFIC PRODUCT PROBLEMS IN THESE COMMENTS.

EDIT: 02/28/14 - Added PDF file with instructions to UNINSTALL AAG via the JAVA configuration program.

EDTI:  10/02/14 - IF you are seeing the PRIMOS logo or JAVA logo display for a few seconds and then disappear without the program starting, try the following:

  1. Start the JAVA CONTROL PANEL (Win 7 - type JAVA in the search bar and select JAVA (32-bit) under the CONTROL PANEL section) (MAC - Open JAVA CONFIGURATION from SYSTEM PREFERENCES)
  2. Select the SECURITY tab.
  3. Move the Security Level slider DOWN to the lowest (Medium) setting.
  4. Click the OK button at the bottom of the dialog box.

If this does not correct this issue, uninstall and re-install the AT A GLANCE software per the box at the top of the page (03/03/14 Edit).


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    Clark Manuel

    Here are some SD cards that have been extensively tested here. is a reliable vendor with excellent return policy, great shipping and some of the lowest prices you can find (but feel free to try and find a better place to buy the cards listed):

    Patriot 32GB -


    Kingston 32GB -

    Kingston 16GB -

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    Roger Stewart

    The dps camera appears to work. the problem is getting the sd card to read in the video program. I bought the card that you recommended but i still have a issue. can I return the camera?.  Am not very happy. I have spent 120.00 on the camera and 45.00 on the first card and another 20.00 on the second card and the thing still doesn't work. 

  • Avatar
    Clark Manuel

    I see that you have just opened a ticket for this issue (tho you emailed about the problem earlier).  Please allow our Customer Service to try and resolve you issues as you seem to be having problems with the AT A GLANCE software, not the camera itself (from the comments I've seen).  If you want a refund, you will need to obtain that from the original place of purchase.

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    Frank Mitchell

    My DPS works, however, only in the dawn to dusk hours.  Once it gets really dark it stops taking pictures and doesn't start up again until about 6:30.  Is this normal or is something broken?

  • Avatar
    Clark Manuel

    @ Frank Mitchell - Yes, that is the intended normal operation.  The device has no IR LEDs to facilitate night images and would require a HUGE amount of power to turn those on and off over 100 times an hour.  Not practical.

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