X Cam Documentation (Models 63040 & 63050)

General camera Frequently Asked Questions can be found here: FAQ page

PDFs for the current X Cam manuals are attached at the bottom of this article. and below are links to our X Cam products web pages.  Click on the WATCH PRODUCT DVD link to view the instructional videos for each product.  Note that Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher is needed to view the videos.

Truth X Cam product page

If you receive a "navigation to webpage cancelled" error when the video viewer starts (after clicking the WATCH PRODUCT DVD link), for Internet Explorer do the following:

  • Close the error window ANDthe product page tab or browser window
  • For Internet Explorer, click TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS
  • Select the SECURITY tab and highlight INTERNETzone
  • Select CUSTOM SETTINGS...button to access the Security Settings dialog.
  • Navigate down to the MISCELLANIOUS section and find DISPLAY MIXED CONTENT
  • Select PROMPT (you can select ENABLE but we do not recommendthis).
  • Click OK on the Security Settings window and then OKon the Internet Options window.
  • Reopen the PRODUCT page via the link here (it MUST have been closed since you changed the setting).
  • Click on the WATCH PRODUCT DVDlink and answer NO to the dialog question.
  • If you have the proper flash version (v9.0 or higher) installed, the video should now play.

If you are using a different browser, you need to change the security setting that controls DISPLAY MIXED CONTENT on a single page to ALLOW mixed content to play (whether you are prompted or it is automatic).  All browsers can do this differently, so we cannot provide instructions for every browser available.



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