** NOTICE: Truth Cam ULTRA Light Sensor / Motion LED port **

It has recently been brought to our attention that many users are blocking the motion sensor LED on the ULTRA cameras (see image below).  Unfortunately, this port is also the camera’s main light metering sensor input and can adversely affect all recorded media resulting in a variety of image quality and lighting issues.  With this port covered or blocked, The camera can appear to take images just fine, but when lighting conditions change (clouds passing over, sunlight direction change, dawn, dusk, etc.), the camera will not be able to properly make adjustments to light metering and will generate unsatisfactory media recordings.  The potential issues range from discoloration, saturation, over or under exposure and potential IR LEDs not turning on or off properly.



Also, when using our 20/20 mount with the universal camera holder (required for the ULTRA line of cameras) please be sure that the bungee cord straps do NOT block this port in any way.  Primos suggests that you use a crossing pattern for the bungee cords (crossing below the camera lens) to avoid any possible interference with this port (SEE IMAGE BELOW).



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    samuel kelley

    Everyone knows not to cover the sensor. These cameras are just defective. At least mine was. Not impressed!

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    Clark Manuel

    If your camera is defective in some way, we will certainly do what is required to replace it and make it right for you (I see you have a ticket opened and I will escalate the issue with Customer Service).  However, I have personally resolved over 2 dozen issues with customers having issues with image quality due to them intentionally or inadvertently covering the sensor port mentioned in this article. 

    This article was designed to assist those that may be having specific image quality issues caused by misuse of the equipment.  I'm not sure what you are implying with your comment, but I'm sorry if you took some sort of offense to this article being posted.

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    Never have covered mine up! First one purchased didn't work at all. Second one worked, but next to impossible to see red light for setting camera up. Very poor design in my opinion! Have heard good feedback about Truth Cams, but after purchasing the Truth Cam 40 Ultra, very disappointed!

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    Clark Manuel

    I am very sorry you are having triggering issues, but the article above is not describing a fix for this type of problem.

    This article was posted to avoid color / exposure issues.  If your camera is not triggering like it should (and from the description, it is not....your results are not typical of a properly operating camera), PLEASE contact customer service and we will correct the situation.

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    Greatly disappointed in the Ultra Black.  Purchased one, worked for one night.  Tried the download 'fix', almost worked for another night, took a couple pictures of the orchard where deer are gathering all night.  Was sent a new camera as replacement, did the download fix, worked one night and took about 20 shots, competitors camera had over 100.  Batteries were good but replaced them anyway, re-loaded the 'fix' and hung it out for another night.  Got 3 photos, one of me walking away after hanging it up, two of me coming to pick it up.  The pile of apples 20 ft in front of it had mysteriously disappeared during the night.  Competitors camera had almost 200 shots of deer, raccoon and one bear over the course of the night, working on the apples.    There is nothing covering any of the sensors, tied to a tree trunk with supplied belt.     I have tried a couple of freshly formatted SD cards, no help there.    Trying to extract the SD card with cold fingers in the rain is a royal pain as well - very poor engineering on this product.   I'm of the mind that Primos should stick to calls and such, they have that field mastered.   

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