Truth Cam ULTRA firmware version identification instructions.

Use the following to obtain your current firmware version number. 

  1.  Power up the camera (SD card does not need to be installed for this process).
  2. When ADDSD or 0000 (image count if an SD is installed), PRESS and HOLD both the UP and OK green buttons together until the display changes (about 5 seconds).  These are the outside most 2 green buttons on the inside face of the camera (below the LCD display area).
  3. The LCD will now display the current firmware revision and is either shown as R## or ##R## (where the first ## is the camera model (Blackout will be a 60) and the 2nd ## is the firmware revision).  Note that the R may appear to be an A.  

Please call our Customer Service Dept. when you obtain the firmware number above and you will be provided with the proper update files if needed.

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.


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